Rambler Marlin cars Production 1965-1967

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Posted or modified on:14 Nov 2012

Author :Diana Iordache

Diana Iordache

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The Rambler Marlin is a two-door, mid-sized fastback car made in the United States by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) from 1965 to 1967. A halo model for the company, it was marketed as a personal luxury car. The fastback roof design was previewed on the 1964 Rambler Tarpon show car, based on the compact Rambler American. 1965 and 1966model year production Marlins were fastback versions of the mid-sized two-door hardtop Rambler Classic, and 1967 brought a major redesign in which the car was given the new, longer AMC Ambassador full-size chassis. This version had a longer hood and numerous improvements including more interior room and new V8 engines.

Production 1965–1966 14,874 built
Class mid-size personal luxury car
Engine 232 cu in (3.8 L) 155 hp (116 kW; 157 PS) I6 2-bbl 287 cu in (4.7 L) 189 hp (141 kW; 192 PS) V8 2-bbl 327 cu in (5.4 L) 250 hp (186 kW; 253 PS) V8 2-bbl 327 cu in (5.4 L) 270 hp (201 kW; 274 PS) V8 4-bbl
Transmission 3-speed manual 3-speed with overdrive “Twin-Stick” on console (1965) 4-speed manual (1966) 3-speed automatic 3-speed “Shift-Command” on console
Wheelbase 112 in (2,845 mm)
Length 195 in (4,953 mm)
Width 74.5 in (1,892 mm)
Height 53 in (1,346 mm)
Curb weight 2,992 lb (1,357 kg) V8
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