Chevrolet 400 (year 1962-1974)

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Posted or modified on:27 Dec 2011

Author :Diana Iordache

Diana Iordache

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The Chevrolet 400 was a compact car made by General Motors of Argentina from 1962 to 1974. With this car General Motors responded to the proposal made by Ford and Chrysler, when both brought the country’s first compact cars: the Ford Falcon and Valiant II.

The car was based on the car known in United States as ‘Chevy II’ and later as the Chevrolet Nova. It was only 4-door sedan version manufactured in the country .

In the 60s, the auto industry was revolutionized with the emergence of a new concept vehicles: the compact car. In the Argentina, a radical change occurred in the structures of large factories, such that Chrysler began to manufacture the Valiant II and Ford manufactured the Falcon.

Chevrolet 400

Production 1962-1974
Successor Chevrolet Chevy Malibu
Class Executive car
Body style sedan four doors.
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Related Chevrolet Nova
Chevrolet Chevy



General Motors could not be left behind and their response was a car derived from the Chevy Nova II American, which was baptized in Argentina asChevrolet 400. The first Chevrolet 400 which entered the country, brought round headlights on its front portion and came equipped with engines of 194 cubic inches or 3179 cm3.

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