Borgward Hansa 1500

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Posted or modified on:21 Nov 2012

Author :Diana Iordache

Diana Iordache

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Borgward Hansa 1500 was launched as a two- or four-door saloon with an all-steel body built around a central steel frame, which bears a resemblance to a1949 Ford. The wings were fully integrated into the bodywork, and the passenger cabin filled the full width of the car. At a time when competitor vehicles from Opel and Mercedes Benz were still based on conventional looking prewar designs, the interior width of the Hansa
Engine 1498 cc four-cylinder ohv engine providing a claimed power output of 48 bhp (35 kW). For 1952 the engine was modified to produce 52 bhp (38 kW). A 66 bhp (49 kW) output version of this engine was installed in the sports cabriolet
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Manufacturer Carl F. W. Borgward GmbH
Production October 1949 – 1954
Successor Borgward Isabella
Body style 2- or 4-door saloon, estate, cabriolet, Layout FR layout
Engine 1498 cc straight-4 (1500), 1758 cc straight-4 (1800)
Transmission 3-speed manual (1500), 4-speed manual (1800)
Wheelbase 2,600 mm (100 in) [1]
Length 4,450 mm (175 in) [1]
Width 1,620 mm (64 in) [1]
Height 1,560 mm (61 in) [1]
Curb weight 1,120 kg (2,500 lb) – 1,245 kg (2,740 lb